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Personal Insurance

In addition to his financial planning expertise, John Savadjian also has many years of experience as an insurance broker with Prudential. Drawing upon his vast industry knowledge, John Savadjian finds policies that suit his clients’ needs at affordable prices. The key to John’s success over the years has been the long-term personal relationships he develops with his clients. Because he knows his clients’ backgrounds, he finds it easier to understand their coverage needs. As a result, John Savadjian has enabled numerous clients to safeguard their personal assets and their businesses over his four decades in the business.


Personal and Family Insurance

Personal insurance helps you protect personal assets that are the most important to you such as your home or your car. As opposed to policies that cover business property or interests, people buy personal insurance policies to protect their own interests or those of their families. In any case, finding the right insurance plan at the right place can be trickier than it seems, especially when you are trying to protect yourself from accidents and surprises. Indeed, studies show that people often select less than optimal plans when buying insurance without the help of a qualified broker.  


Included below are some of the most common types of personal insurance policies that John Savadjian has purchased for clients over the years.


  • Long-term Care Insurance – People generally opt for long-term care insurance to cover the kind of care that is not covered by their health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. In most cases, long-term care covers the cost of care that extends beyond a fixed period. People who wind up using long-term care are usually not sick. Instead, they are not as capable of completing daily activities like dressing and bathing as they used to be.

  • Disability Insurance –This type of insurance pays out to an individual and his or her family if the person becomes injured or unable to perform their job. Typically, disability insurance covers the beneficiary’s earned income against the possibility that a disability will keep him or her from working. Therefore, it often includes things like short-term and long-term disability benefits and paid sick leave.

  • Life Insurance – Depending on his clients’ individual needs, John Savadjian has handled both term and whole life insurance policies. Term life insurance covers a person for a defined time period. The idea is to provide compensation for dependents in case that person dies prematurely. Therefore, the policy only pays out if the covered individual dies within the specified term.
    Whole life insurance, on the other hand, is a type of permanent life insurance in which the insured person is covered for their entire life as long as premiums are paid on time. It also has a cash value that accrues in a tax-deferred account. In addition, the policyholder has the option to borrow against the money in the account or give up the policy for cash.

  • Home Insurance – Homeowners insurance protects your home from the unexpected. For instance, if your home is damaged or you are robbed or someone is injured on your property, it can pay for repairs, temporary housing, legal fees and more.  

  • Auto Insurance – This insurance protects you from costs resulting from auto accidents and other losses like the theft of your car. In addition to car repairs, you may also have expenses for property damage, lost wages, and medical bills among others. Most states require liability coverage, which covers someone else’s bodily injury or property damage if you are at fault for the accident. Without sufficient coverage, you may to pay these bills on your own.


Because of his attention to detail and his thorough knowledge of the insurance business,

John Savadjian has cultivated a reputation as an insurance broker who understands his clients’ circumstances in order to find the best insurance policy for their needs and their budgets.

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